Radu Goga

“I have already found that the peace of mind which comes with someone else handling the management side of things in a dental business is invaluable.”

Radu Goga, Endodontist
Capital Endodontics, Wellington


Introducing Radu Goga

I am married and live in Whitby, Porirua with my wife and three children - Daniel 10, Christiana 8 and Aimee 7 months. We like getting out as much as possible and enjoying the natural surrounds of the Wellington region. We try and head up to the central North Island region as well to enjoy Lake Taupo and the mountains. My favourite movie is ‘Remember The Titans’ and my favourite book is The Bible.

Wha t do you do at Lumino The Dentists?

I am an Endodontic specialist and founded my practice in August 2004, directly after finishing my Masters degree. I switched to Lumino in 2008 but have already found that the peace-of-mind which comes with someone else handling the management side of things is invaluable.

Like other dental specialties, in Endodontics there are a lot of items one can invest in. The challenge is to find the balance between need (in order to provide an excellent service) and want (in order to get a buzz out of your expensive toys!).

At the end of the day the question we all need to ask ourselves regarding any item we purchase is whether it will improve the final product we deliver to our patients - our quality of care - or whether it simply delivers a nice feeling (which is fine as long as we understand that that’s the purpose).

As a specialist Endodontist my customers are all referral-based and expect the highest standard of endodontic care possible. The cases that I see are often complex and require the combination of extra training, experience and specialised equipment (the microscope is indispensable in this regard).

What do you love most about your job?

Quite simply, being able to save a tooth which otherwise would have been confined to the extraction bucket. Although extraction and an implant can be the best solution for a severely broken-down tooth, often a tooth can be saved and the cost is almost half a conventional implant, with far fewer follow-up appointments and with the same long-term success rate. That’s motivational for me!