Dr. Collette Bromhead

“I am excited by the unique interface betwEen science, medicine and research that I experience at Aotea Pathology.”

Dr Collette Bromhead,
Head of Department, Molecular Biology

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introducing Collete Bromhead

I am descended from a Victoria Cross winner, a long line of bakers and a political cartoonist and currently live in Wellington with my tame Birman cat. When not at work I enjoy renovating my house, learning to speak German, and exercising my genetically acquired evil sense of humour through writing children’s books (one area I am yet to be published in).

What do you do at aotea pathology?

In my role in the laboratory, I use the latest DNA testing technology to diagnose infectious disease, as well as disease caused by genetic mutations. I have had an interest in science and medicine since childhood and this has sustained my ongoing enthusiasm for this field of medical testing.

Following the introduction of molecular testing to the laboratory in 1998, we have focused on growing and innovating the Molecular Biology department to keep up with the rapidly expanding demand for DNA testing, all while completing my PhD at Victoria University.

With a specialty interest in the diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s), I also provide molecular diagnostics expertise to the Ministry of Health, the National Cervical Screening Programme, Victoria University of Wellington, Environmental Science and Research, Zygem Corporation, and the Women’s Health Research Centre at Otago University. This work has lead to the development of novel molecular assays for the detection of STIs and their use in characterising the public health burden of these organisms in New Zealand.

What do you love most about your job?

I am excited about the unique interface between science, medicine and research that I experience at Aotea Pathology and look forward to the continued development of molecular testing within this innovative pathology practise.