Irene Overton

“Leading a group of talented, motivated staFf who enthusiasticalLy embrace new technology makes my job very rewarding.”

Irene Overton, Charge General Radiographer
Ascot Radiology Ltd, Auckland

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introducing Irene Overton

I have three children - now fully grown - and live in Mt Roskill in Auckland. I have been a practicing radiographer for 30 years working both part-time and full-time as appropriate while raising my children. Outside of work my main love has been walking. I have changed from power walking to race walking to Nordic walking. The latter two styles have provided much entertainment for the people in my neighbourhood.

Wha t do you do at ascot ra diology?

My role as Charge General Radiographer is to oversee the running of the General X-Ray Department to ensure we provide an excellent service for all our referrers. I also work as a general radiographer and have specialised in mammography. As Ascot Radiology is based in a private hospital we provide x-ray support and services to the operating theatres and wards, as well as the numerous orthopaedic/other specialists within the building. There is a 24 hour White Cross A&M in the complex so we provide extended working hours (7.30am – 10pm) and an overnight on-call service for both the A&M and the hospital.

Ascot Radiology has always encouraged its staff to multitask and to embrace new technology. Many of my staff have accepted this challenge and now work both as general radiographers and as either MRI techs, CT techs, Ultrasound techs or Mammography techs. In 2005 the company progressed from film & chemistry technology to CR (computed radiography) technology for general x-rays, and in 2006 to CR mammography. In 2008 we expanded our services and took space in the purpose built Ascot Central building (next door to the hospital). At this time we invested in Digital technology for both general x-rays and mammography. This has been a huge learning curve for my staff who have risen to the challenge and are now proficient with both technologies. Since 2005 my role has expanded to teacher to ensure my staff understand the new technologies to feel comfortable to work solo at nights and weekends with it. My biggest challenge is to provide rosters for my staff which allows them to have enough time in their chosen specialty area to maintain their skills, as well as providing cover for the main department to ensure the specialist referrers get an excellent service.

Wha t do you love most about your job?

I love working for a company which enthusiastically embraces new technology. Changing from film and chemistry to CR and Digital technology in the space of three years has been challenging, frustrating but mostly very exciting. Helping my staff to feel confident and comfortable with the new technology has been an uplifting experience. I feel lucky to work for a company that looks after its staff and where the staff from all departments support and look after each other.