Hiren Champaneri

“Helping physicaly challenged people to lead a normal life is one off the bigGest satisfactions in my job.”

Hiren Champaneri
Senior Orthotist

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Introducing Hiren Champaneri

I am newly married and enjoying it. We live in Auckland and I love going around NZ and exploring new things. I think NZ is a ‘god gifted’ country for its natural beauty. I play various sports, both indoor and outdoor, and like watching movies.

What do you do at orthotic centre?

I am one of the clinical leaders in Auckland and I hold clinics both in our premises and public hospitals. This involves prescription analysis, client assessment, casting and fitting for orthoses, client education and follow up procedures.

I also participate in team evaluation and development of Orthotic devices both from a technical and clinical perspective.

My interest in Orthotics goes back to my grandfather, who sold off the shelf Orthotic supports in India.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics from the University of Mumbai, India in 2000, and then worked in Singapore until the end of 2002 before joining the Orthotic Centre in the beginning of 2003.

I am based in Auckland but have had short term assignments in both our Hamilton and Wellington Operations.

What do you love most about your job?

Having to rely on others for daily needs makes it very difficult for disabled people. Helping them with appropriate orthosis brings more confidence to them and diminishes their dependence to some extent. This makes me feel good about myself and that’s what keeps me going.