Judy Green-Philpot

“I experience a great deal of satisfaction in seEing our clients making solid progreSs towards their goals, and our stafF working together as a cohesive team for the good of the clients.”

Judy Green-Philpott
Midland Area Manager, Abano Rehabilitation


Introducing Judy Green-Philpot

I am a family oriented person and, with my four children now independent adults, I direct my attention onto my husband, two schnauzers and work. I also enjoy being a grandmother to Isla and Nathanial. In my spare time, I am a cake decorator and baker, and love being in the outdoors either at the beach, in my garden or doing the odd bit of fishing.

What do you do at abano rehabilitation?

I am a registered nurse with a management degree and diverse experience both in the health sector and the commercial sector. I am responsible, on a day to day basis for the smooth running of our residential facility here in Hamilton, and I have also had a hand in both the South Auckland and Gisborne facilities in the past.

The job has many facets to it. Firstly I am responsible for ensuring that the goals of clients are identified and worked towards in a client oriented manner, and that their rehabilitation progresses as efficiently as possible.

I work with the funders to ensure that their requirements are met or exceeded, so that they feel they get value for money. Another facet to the job is ensuring that we have the right staff to do the job; that staff are trained and equipped and supported in the work they do. Then there is all the general management side of the business – budgets, marketing, strategy development and so on.

At present I am working to set up an early Intensive rehabilitation centre here in Hamilton which involves building alterations, new equipment, special training and coaching staff through the experiences of a type of work they have not done before. In addition I am recruiting new staff with special skills and experience in this area.

What do you love most about your job?

I love being able to help our clients and seeing them reach for their goals. I get immense satisfaction from seeing them achieve something they have been working towards for a while. I also get immense satisfaction from leading a team to achieve their work related goals, from seeing them motivated and enjoying their work.