Abano owns business in Orthotics and in Community and Residential Brain Injury Rehabilitation, both of which are Hold and Maintain business streams. These businesses provided 11 percent of Abano’s revenue in 2009.

Orthotic Centre NZ is the country’s foremost supplier of orthotic services and specialist products. Clients range from children to baby boomers, athletes to everyday people.

2009 was a year of consolidation for the business with the focus on renewing contracts with the various Auckland DHBs. This focus will continue into 2010 as the business looks to secure future revenue streams. In addition, private revenue opportunities will continue to be identified and progressed.

Abano Rehabilitation consists of three aligned businesses providing assessment services, residential rehabilitation and supported accommodation, particularly for those with brain injuries, and clinical intervention to community based clients. The sector operates in a fixed price environment and revenue is 99 percent funded by ACC and MOH. During 2009, attention was centred on maintaining costs, improving occupancy levels and generating new revenue through the offer of new or expanded services.

Over the last few months, ACC has had a renewed focus on ensuring it receives value for money from its service providers. Changes are being made to the process for handling claims, with an emphasis on early intervention or rehabilitation, and early return to readiness to work. Many ACC service contracts are changing, and these changes require providers to demonstrate robust quality systems and highly professional services. Abano Rehabilitation has been strengthening its systems and tightening up its services for some time, and is well placed to take advantage of these changes.

Abano’s Rehabilitation businesses are well run and provide solid, consistent revenue streams. However, due to the fixed price nature and public funding of this sector, significant growth opportunities are limited.

Operational Performance

Operational Performance

* After allocation of corporate overhead


2009 Highlights and Achievements

  • New contract in Hamilton providing care for post-acute clients with high medical needs
  • Increase in number of clients making significant rehabilitation gains and those able to return to community living
  • Opened two new six-bed houses on one site in Henderson, Auckland and admitted first clients in May 2009
  • Alliance formed with In-Work NZ, a provider of job search and support services to Councils and Work and Income NZ, in Auckland and Hamilton

Focus for 2010

  • Continue to strengthen systems and manage costs
  • Improve staff selection procedures and orientation programmes in order to reduce staff turnover within the first 12 months of employment
  • Commission new premises in West Auckland and Hamilton
  • Improve bed occupancy rate in residential facilities
  • Develop new revenue streams for community services


2009 Highlights and Achievements

  • Appointment of new CEO and the restructure of the management team
  • Received an extension up to 2011 for the Auckland Personal Health contract with the three Auckland DHBs
  • Purchased and installed an eco-friendly “state of the art” oven, based on infra-red technology

Focus for 2010

  • Relocate Wellington operations into purpose designed facilities in August 2009
  • Upgrade the patient management system
  • Re-focus on the private sector of orthotics