2013 Annual Report

Wellington, New Zealand   Three year $75 million contract extension
55% ownership by Abano14 community rooms, six medical centre collection rooms and a centralised laboratory in Wellington
Mature230 staff including 148 clinicians

Highlights and Key Events

  • Full complement of staff in leadership positions
  • Establishment of Senior Management Team to make operational decision making quicker and more robust
  • Continued roll out of Information Systems platform, including electronic test ordering
  • Installation of new haematology equipment, improvements in provision and accessibility of testing and improved facilities

Pathology is one of the few medical services to be fully funded by the Government in New Zealand and providers such as Aotea Pathology operate in a fixed price, short term contracting environment. We are now entering into a process with funders to look at how services should be delivered to the region.

In FY13, the costs of providing some services under new recommended testing regimes, such as screening for diabetes and heart disease, have increased. However, we are not able to recoup these cost increases as we operate in a fixed revenue environment.

Information systems are an increasingly important tool for the pathology industry and allow us to streamline processes and deliver increased accuracy. Aotea Pathology is a leader in this area and was one of the first to introduce an electronic ordering system. More than 99% of General Practices in the region now have access to this system, with 70% uptake by those with access.

Focus for FY14

  • Work closely with funders to ensure continuity of service to the wider Wellington communities
  • Introduction of Vantage, a world class system for improved tracking of histology (tissue) specimens, such as breast biopsies
  • Collaborate with PHOs, providing knowledge, information and monitoring to ensure appropriate tests are ordered