2013 Annual Report


New ZealandTotal NZ orthotics market estimated $20 to $25 million
100% ownership by AbanoSeven clinical locations plus visiting clinics and two manufacturing facilities
Mature 67 staff including 26 orthotists

Highlights and Key Events

  • Investment in and focus on training and upskilling of clinical staff
  • Ongoing implementation of patient management system and move to electronic platform
  • Extension and renewal of existing DHB contracts
  • Continued negotiation with suppliers to ensure best pricing whilst retaining independence

The Orthotic Centre is the leading provider of clinical orthotics services in New Zealand and the largest employer of qualified orthotists. We use this position to host an annual clinical conference for the industry and our second annual conference in FY13 received excellent feedback from participants.

The business delivered a solid performance in FY13, with a number of DHB contracts renewed or extended. We currently hold seven important DHB contracts covering most of the major regions in New Zealand.

We are seeing a trend by DHBs towards shorter contract periods, with contract reviews on a more regular basis. We work closely with DHBs and are encouraging a focus on longer term contracts which would provide security of service from a reputable provider with a track record of providing quality services from highly skilled and qualified staff.

Focus for FY14

  • Work closely with DHBs to ensure patients have continued access to quality clinical orthotic services
  • Extension and renewal of existing DHB contracts
  • Explore diversification opportunities to widen the sources of revenue
  • Continue to maximise and improve gross margins through product and supplier negotiations