2016 Annual Report


FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE: Increased gross revenue and Underlying EBITDA; Growth initiatives suppressing EBITDA margin in the short term

NETWORK GROWTH: Acquired six large practices in FY16

PERFORMANCE IMPACTED BY CHALLENGING AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY: Positive same store growth in NSW and VIC offset by declining same store growth in Northern NSW and Queensland where over 52% of Maven’s dental practices are located. Overall, same store revenue for Maven was down 3.6% for the year

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: Focus on business efficiencies and sharing of resources across both dental businesses particularly in training and development, marketing, IT, procurement and clinical best practice

NEW LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE: New trans-Tasman CEO and recent restructure of the leadership team, providing access to indepth knowledge and experience across Abano’s dental group

NEW BRAND: Launch of new brand with practice rollout initiated in December 2015. Ten practices successfully rebranded and more underway

LAUNCH OF NEW WEBSITE: New patient-friendly website providing an online platform for the new brand and enhancing the customer experience

MARKETING INITIATIVES: Development of marketing initiatives, including digital opportunities and interest free offering, for rollout in FY17

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Continuing acquisition growth
Focus on performance improvements and operational efficiencies
Continued rollout of Maven Dental Group brand and rebranding of practices
Introduction of branded marketing offers including interest free offer
Focus on digital strategy including website, marketing and operational opportunities
Increased collaboration and leveraging of Lumino expertise