Our Vision

Our vision is to create an exemplary standard of care and treatment for our patients by investing into and building successful healthcare businesses.

Abano was established in its current form in 1999 and is currently focused on building market share in the $11-billion trans-Tasman dental sector.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is to focus on the fee for service, private revenue segment of the healthcare and medical services market and to invest into businesses where the Group can add value and facilitate growth.

Adding Value: With our extensive experience in managing and operating healthcare and medical services businesses, we are able to add value to the businesses we own and in which we invest.

Growth: We are focused on growth – through both acquisition and the organic development and expansion of healthcare businesses – focusing on fee for service, private revenue opportunities.

Success through partnership: Our investment model is to concentrate on carefully selected businesses in specific healthcare sectors, where we work in partnership with the clinical founders and entrepreneurs who have made their speciality area into a financial success. We then provide resources to enable each business to realise its full potential.

Knowledge: We value knowledge and clinical excellence above all else and we invest in our people through continuous and appropriate training and career development opportunities. Abano businesses benefit from both internal synergies and the cross-fertilisation of knowledge across the Group.

People: People are the foundation of our businesses, and we are focused on turning our vision into reality through close relationships with our clinical teams of highly talented and professional people. We seek to recruit and retain the best clinical and support staff to lead our services and ensure that they see Abano as an attractive, rewarding and professional place in which to develop their careers.

Investment: Better care and treatment is provided for our customers, through our investment in first-class technologies, facilities and leading-edge equipment, and our support for safe innovation. All our clinical investment decisions are initiated, guided and implemented through our clinical partners to ensure these investments are appropriate and enhance the quality of care we offer to our clients and patients. Shareholder returns: Our financial focus is to maximise the long-term, sustainable return on investment in each business, ensuring that our investments generate returns that are above our weighted cost of capital, creating shareholder wealth.


Our Principles

All business and operations at Abano Healthcare are conducted in line with core values and guiding principles that we feel are important, both at a corporate and societal level:

  • All our clients and patients will be treated with respect and provided with exemplary care and professional treatment.
  • Our people are our most important asset – we aim to provide our staff with secure and rewarding long term employment in an environment where excellence is encouraged.
  • Innovation and the search for and sharing of knowledge are encouraged for all staff.
  • Through sound management, strategic understanding of healthcare needs and in line with Government health policies, we aim to improve and add value to healthcare and medical services in New Zealand.
  • We work for the benefit of our shareholders and aim to generate attractive, sustainable long term returns on their behalf.